Hashnode's 2Articles1Week Challenge


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Hashnode has a thing where they have occasional challenges to earn "badges" on their site. The first challenge I participated in was their 2Articles1Week Challenge... which is a bit of a misnomer.

Really it's a minimum of FOUR articles in TWO weeks... If you don't read the "fine print" on the challenge page (which I didn't initially) it says:

Earn Hashnode’s writing streak badges: Bronze: If you maintain the streak for 2 week; Silver: If you maintain the streak for 3 weeks; Gold: If you maintain the streak for 4 weeks

i.e. you don't get anything for just doing two articles in one week

It also seems that the timing of the "weeks" is based on your first post. I would've achieved this goal if the timing was more dynamic... I understand the complexity of making it more dynamic though.

This post should automatically get me the badge...

Update: still no badge... not sure why... I've written 5 posts in 10 days